Mission Research is proud to announce the launch of its innovative new research solution, the Total Brand Health Model (TBH). Drawing upon years of experience in measuring and evaluating brand health, Mission Research designed the TBH to account for a wide array of influencers, from customer/stakeholder satisfaction to the tone of social media mentions.

“Brand health can be a challenge to evaluate due to the variety of interconnected elements affecting it,” says Mission Research Vice President, Lucas Marshall. “That’s what we set out to address with the TBH; it accounts for all of the salient elements while producing easy-to-interpret and actionable results.”

The TBH is a modular index that draws from multiple data sources including:

  • Customer/stakeholder/member satisfaction and Net Promoter Scores
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Public awareness and impressions (reputation)
  • News media analysis
  • Social media analysis

Metrics from each research module combine to create the Total Brand Health Score, a definitive indicator of the overall health of a particular brand.

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