Know your reputation.

The Media Impact Analyzer

Mission’s 10 years of communications research experience culminated in the development of the world’s leading media content analysis methodology: the Media Impact Analyzer (MIA). The MIA is the most complete solution for communications evaluation.

The Media Impact Analyzer will provide communications personnel with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions regarding brand health management. It provides an unprecedented understanding of how current communications strategies and tactics are impacting various publics via the news media. In turn, communications departments and practitioners are able to significantly improve the reach of their brand’s reputation, and overall perception of brand quality.

Presence and Impact

The Media Impact Analyzer is based on the essential factors comprising the media’s presence and impact. News items are tracked and scored on key aspects including: relevance, story placement, mention significance, editorial tone, company spokespeople, third party sources, and key messages.

Clear Analysis

Using a software suite designed by our in-house experts, the MIA assigns an Impact Score (IS) to each article based on an evaluation of each of these factors resulting in a summary metric expressive of the overall dynamic of the specific news item.

At Mission, we strongly believe that the cutting-edge quality and capability of the MIA makes our team of media and reputation researchers the most qualified and competent in the country.