Market Research

Make Public Opinion Work for You

Public opinion is dynamic. At Mission Research, we have our finger on the pulse of changing public opinion among a variety of customer and stakeholder audiences, providing the necessary context for clients’ specific brand strategy.


Simply measuring individuals’ attitudes and behaviours is often not enough since the primary drivers of peoples’ choices tend to be emotional, aspirational, and pocketbook. At Mission Research, our top priority is to stay apprised of changing public opinion and its major drivers, analyzing how these shifts in response to potential triggers.

    • Uncover the current state of the public opinion environment
    • Track changes in the public opinion environment over time
    • Determine the impact of public opinion on real business metrics
    • Influence public opinion through strategic marketing and communications

    A full understanding of the dynamism of public opinion within your key customer and stakeholder audiences is the most valuable currency for brand health management. Mission Research can help you through each stage of the public opinion cycle:

    MISSION RESEARCH is a full-service research provider.

    Whatever your organization’s research needs, we have the capacity, experience and expertise to execute it to the highest level of quality – guaranteed.

    • Advertising testing and evaluation
    • Communications research
    • Complex market segmentation
    • Corporate image, reputation and brand positioning
    • Customer satisfaction & loyalty
    • Membership and employee surveys
    • New product development and optimization
    • Package and logo testing
    • Price sensitivity measures
    • Usage & attitude studies