From the CBC:

The CBC's Wendy Mesley investigates a little-known message inside your cellphone's settings and manual telling you to keep the device five to 15 mm away from your body

For 20 years now, veteran CBC journalist Wendy Mesley has been tracking the latest research on cellphones. Her interest in this story is spurred by two questions: Do these things that we’re all in love with cause cancer? And have we been given enough information to decide for ourselves?

At the heart of this investigation is a message hidden in most of our cellphones and manuals that tell us “to reduce exposure to radio frequency, use a hands-free option such as the speakerphone and carry the phone at least five mm away from your body.” Depending on the manufacturer, that distance could be telling you to hold your phone up to 15 mm away from your body.

A survey completed for CBC Marketplace by Mission Research of 971 Canadians with cellphones asked how many were aware of the manufacturers’ suggestions to hold the phone five – 15 mm away from the body. The results showed 81 per cent had no clue, and 67 per cent admitted they carry their phones against their bodies…

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