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Mission Research is a different kind of research firm.

Mission Research has been delivering clear and actionable recommendations alongside insightful ongoing counsel for nearly 20 years. With an unparalleled suite of research tools and strict adherence to quality control and ethical guidelines, Mission Research enables our clients to make the most of their research budgets. Our researchers are experts in the use of advanced research methodologies derived from the same high-level statistics found in peer-reviewed, scientific studies. These methods yield highly credible results that clients can both trust and easily translate into strategies and tactics for implementation.

We are committed to being more than just a “vendor” or “provider” to our clients. At Mission Research, we enjoy the opportunity to work closely with our clients and help them to better understand and ultimately address their most difficult business challenges. We employ a full partnership approach on every study characterized by a responsive, client-first stance backed by custom-tailored solutions derived from an industry-leading toolbox of research methodologies and an eagerness to innovate.

Mission Research boasts a team of senior sector experts and research industry leaders who are passionate about our work. We never bait-and-switch prospective clients by promising senior personnel only to leave junior staff to run the project. Moreover, we are never satisfied that the job is done simply because the final report has been delivered. The research is simply the groundwork for what Mission Research really offers on an ongoing basis: clear and actionable strategic advice.

Dr. Heather Scott-Marshall

Heather Scott-Marshall


Company president Heather Scott-Marshall founded Mission Research in 2000. Heather holds a PhD from the University of Toronto and has extensive training in advanced research methods, both quantitative and qualitative. In her 15+ years of professional research experience, Heather has provided consulting services to renowned national research firms.

During the course of her consulting experience, Heather found that some firms’ standards of quality and ethics were significantly lower than the rigorous standards required by scientific peer-review. In response, Heather founded Mission Research with the goal of bringing peer-review standards to all aspects of research in the private and public sector. Heather has provided strategic consultations to all levels of government as well as a wide variety of organizations in the private sector with specialties in consumer products, telecommunications, finance, e-commerce and media. She is author of several peer-reviewed research articles for high-impact scientific journals such as Social Science & Medicine, Social Indicators Research, International Journal of Health Services, and Canadian Journal of Public Health.

Lucas Marshall

Lucas Marshall

Vice President

Over the past 20+ years, Lucas Marshall has gained a strong reputation as a logical action-oriented researcher providing advice and counsel to clients in a wide range of sectors including public affairs, health & pharma, tech/telecom, financial and media. Lucas has become a recognized leader in conducting online research, sophisticated media analyses, and research for public relations initiatives. He has managed a number of studies for public release and has appeared as a spokesperson in a variety of news outlets including the Globe and Mail, the National Post and CBC News. Lucas holds a Bachelor of Journalism and was formerly a practicing journalist much earlier in his career. Lucas has also pursued a MA in Public Policy and Administration from Ryerson University and completed advanced-level courses in quantitative methods and statistics.

Robert Hutton

Robert Hutton

Senior Research Director

Robert Hutton is Director of Insights at AHA! 360 Marketing Insights and Mission Research’s Qualitative Lead, with particular focus on focus groups, depth interviewing, stakeholder engagement and community consultations. Robert founded AHA! 360 Marketing Insights after a distinguished career leading a major international consumer insights firm followed by leading and recreating a major public affairs firm. He is a RIVA Master Moderator and hold the Certified Research Practitioner certification at the Expert level from the American Market Research Association. He is a former Board Member of the Public Affairs Association of Canada and a Guest Lecturer at Seneca College. In almost 20 years, Robert has become recognized as one of the most innovative and successful qualitative research practitioners, with expertise in semiotics, heuristics, immersive techniques, projective and behavioral techniques and Critical Discourse Analysis. He started his career in marketing at major brands such as Kelloggs, Cantel and Guardian Trust. He is acknowledged as having a highly strategic mindset and a keen storytelling ability.

Chris O'Rourke

Chris O’Rourke

Director of Operations

Chris O’Rourke has been an active member of the research industry for over twenty-five years. As Director of Operations, Chris is responsible for all information systems, including operational and strategic planning for quantitative and qualitative project applications. Chris assists with project execution and provides strategic insight to the management of CATI/Online data facilities, as well as to various operational departments, including programming, statistical analysis, quality control, desk-top publishing and computer systems. He directly manages several Operations staff and continues to play an active role in maintaining stringent quality control processes. Further, he is a subject matter expert with respect to methodological design and statistical analyses. Over the course of his career, Chris has overseen more than two thousand quantitative projects.

Michelle Zeppieri

Michelle Zeppieri

Research Associate

Michelle has worked in market research since 2016, aiding in the progression of research projects and developing strategic market intelligence for our clients. Michelle is a skilled, experienced research analyst with particular expertise in branding, consumer behaviour, advertising, and qualitative research analysis. Michelle is a is a big believer in a human first, consumer second approach, and has an innate strategic reflex and a keen eye for brand alignment. Her affinity for all things in the art world continues to inspire her work in data visualization and marketing. Her creative eye is key for transforming complex data into infographic visuals that provide our clients with the tools necessary for efficient decision making. Michelle has a Bachelor of Commerce degree with a major in Marketing Management from the University of Guelph.

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