Understanding the needs of your market.

At Mission Research we recognize the importance of precision in understanding the needs, values and preferences of consumers of your brand.

Our analysts specialize in advanced market segmentation techniques that cut through the noise to identify and define the unique market space occupied by your brand.

Using a proven and validated survey design method coupled with advanced statistical analysis, we provide our clients with accurate and detailed metrics of their target markets/publics; in turn, our clients are able to tailor brand-strategy to the unique tastes of their consumers and stakeholders.

At Mission Research we have mastered the art of market segmentation to remove the guesswork from developing your marketing strategy. Our segmentation profile will provide you with the key metrics (behavioural; psychographic; demographic; geographic) you need to develop a branding strategy that has maximum appeal to consumers within your target market. For organizations that want to maximize their brand-reach, the Mission Research market segmentation profile is an indispensable tool.

Example Segmentation Overview